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Discover a transformation that redefines luxury and personalization in your home with Elite Kitchens and Bedrooms.

From our first consultation to ongoing support, we focus on bringing your vision to life with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. Experience a journey towards perfection where your dream home becomes a reality.

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Discover the Elite Difference:

At Elite Kitchens & Bedrooms, we craft spaces that tell your story. Founded in 2012 by visionary cabinet maker Joe Crowe, we offer:

  • Specialists in Bespoke Kitchen and Furniture Design
  • Tailored Solutions: Your Lifestyle, Your Style
  • Trusted Expertise: Years of Experience, Endless Possibilities

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Craft Your Dream Space With Elegance and Precision


We guide you through each step, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to completion.


We build relationships based on trust, ensuring you're informed and comfortable throughout the whole process.


Honed over years of dedication to the craft, allows us to navigate the complexities of bespoke furniture design.


We love what we do, and this is reflected in the meticulous attention to detail and creativity.

From Vision to Reality: Our Seamless Journey

Let's Begin Crafting Your Dream Space Today

1. Initial Enquiry

Our initial discussion will delve into the specifics of your project, including requirements, timelines, and the initial steps towards realising your vision.

2. Design Appointment

This key design appointment is where dreams begin to take shape. Together, we’ll explore your desires, from room layouts and materials to style concepts and initial pricing, ensuring your wish list is our blueprint.

3. Deposit Payment

With a 10% booking deposit, we embark on visualising your project through initial CGI renderings, offering a glimpse into the future. 

But the journey doesn’t stop at the first draft; it’s an iterative process of refinement. 

4. Manufacturing & Fitting

Upon finalising the design, our artisans begin the meticulous handcrafting. Given the unique nature of each project, a time frame of 10 to 12 weeks from start to finish is anticipated, ensuring every detail meets our shared standard of perfection.

Worker spray painting a new kitchen

Let´s Begin Crafting Your Dream Space Today

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